I want to go to the sea

I want to go to the sea… but I live in Paris and it is 22/04/2020, during the international ecological crisis; coronavirus. 1h04m49s of travel is the time it takes me, clicking non stop in google-earth, to reach my goal. In a special road trip without visible pollution, I walk on the grounds of the past (2018/2019). Without any obstacles, the horizon is revealed and I can tread a virgin land to reinvent.

See here the complete trip, get out the popcorn!

Video, 65min / Zoonosisproject online 2020

WE ARE NOT GOD I – The Astronomers

WE ARE NOT GOD I – The Astronomers

Les Astronomes draws on the relationship between art and science that Vidya-Kelie introduces into her visual work. It presents two intersecting creative processes.

Christian, a neuroscientist working on trans-humanism, is being interviewed in a closed-door setting.

Claire, the young filmmaker who shares his artistic issues, pushes the scientist to free himself from his costume of knowledge and film him in a sensitive moment.


Directed by  Vidya-Kélie
With Ana TorralboAugustin JacobJulien Béramis.
Image and lighting: Marc Obin
Costumes : Mamzelle’ Mo
Script :  Carla Sabotier
Electro-machine assistants:  Emmanuelle Lhomme,  Malo et Eve le Fessant
Assistant director and stage manager:  Isabelle Desalos
Set design: Lola Venet
Sound: Judicaël Michel
Hair: Mathieu Guignaudeau
Make up : Lucie Marot
Writing and editing: Vidya-Kélie

Les astronomers, Vidéo 15min, 2018 / Volumes, 2018 / Metaxu, 2018


The artist organizes meetings in cafés; in a protocol identical to all, Vidya-Kelie does not speak, but lets her characters speak; Claire, artist, Manu, assistant and Mr Leclerc, neuro-scientist, all three embodied in “LES ASTRONOMES”, a film that the guest watches in the café, with headphones. Afterwards, the spectator will be invited to speak into a microphone, listened to in silence by the artist.

The audio documents will then be transposed into PDF to be presented as necessary extensions to its original script “LES ASTRONOMES”.

*The deployment is a key stage of the script, and precedes the dialogue continuity. It is developed from the synopsis (short summary of the film’s story). This text of several dozen pages will then enable the main plots and scenes of a film to be described in more detail.

Deployment*, installation, print on A4 paper, 20 treatments and scenarios from the film “LES ASTRONOMES” including the originals / Université PARIS VIII, 2018


The call is visible but condemned to the figure of isolation and the spectator feels sorrow when he cannot answer the call of “money” or “happiness”… on the other hand, since these aspirations are now visible to all, the witnesses can finally exchange on these subjects and create a real communication.

*Brouhaha – post-contemporary notion / Lionel Ruffel 2016

Video, 3.45mn. Missed Call on an altar, rituals / Open studio 2023

Print on aluminium dibond 52cmx96cm / Volumes, 2020

Loop on Iphone with glass on cradle, charger / Open studio 2023

Video installation, Iphone in a window / Le lieu de l’autre, Arcueil, 2019

WE ARE NOT GOD I – Les astronomes film court - 2018 - 15min

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WE ARE NOT GOD I – Vidéo 2018. 15min

Behind closed doors, Christian, a neuroscientist working on trans-humanism, is interviewed.

Claire, the young filmmaker reveals her own artistic issues in order to take Christian with her so that she can capture him in a moment of truth.

« Les Astronomes » (short film)

Projection using the codes of the short film, the Astronomers, also the name of the exhibition, is the keystone of Vidyakélie’s new project. Les Astronomes is nourished by his pictorial, graphic or numerical practice, which questions the allegorical representations of the human condition: Les Vanités.

Les Astronomes proposes a closed door between three characters: two audiovisual professionals, the director of the film and her lighting designer on the one hand and a scientist working on Transhumanism on the other hand. As the scientist’s subject demands a theoretical requirement at the risk of popularization, the interview turns into an aesthetic and philosophical reflection on the representation of this process.

In Vermeer’s painting, the astronomer is absorbed by his task, he leaves no room for the viewer, the paradox of this reference is that the epicenter of Vidyakelie’s work is at the opposite end. The three characters forget their tasks to concentrate on an interaction, they question themselves.

The Astronomer has often been linked to The Geographer, a work mistakenly cited by the character of Claire, and these two paintings have long been considered as forming a coherent diptych. They are both of the same size and were painted at the same time. Even if this hypothesis has been refuted, these two works present some interesting similarities. Together, they are the only two isolated male representations of Vermeer. The composition and chromatic choices very close to these two paintings, make these works a secular derivative of the theme of Saint-Jérôme under study. This particularity is also present in the exhibition where each work has the function of fitting into the other, significant also in the projection where a work on the mise en abîme is also present.

Text written by Didier Clain.


Directed by Vidya-Kélie

With Ana Torralbo, Augustin Jacob, Julien Béramis.

Marc Obin in image and light

Mamzelle’ Mo in costumes

Carla Sabotier script

Emmanuelle Lhomme, Malo and Eve le Fessant Electro-machino Assistants

Isabelle Desalos Assistant Director and Stage Manager

Lola Venet at the decoration

Judicaël Michel at the sound

Mathieu Guignaudeau at the hairdressing salon

Lucie Marot at the make up.

Writing and editing: Vidya-Kélie

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Magnetic-Tango Video 3.40


MAGNETIC TANGO – video 3.40 min.

Searching frantically for a place to stop, this couple of suspended magnets follow an intense choreography to finally find refuge in stability.

The fixed magnetic fields diffused by the base, push and pull the mobile in a pre-determined path. There is no form of chance in these movements. A natural magnetico-gravitational intelligence tries to find the best compromise to use as little energy as possible, in either direction.

The natural friction pushes to a stop, and the journey becomes a dance. The illustrious Osvaldo Pugliese, the traditional symbol of the fiery tension of tango contextualizes this quest in an emotional dimension.

Interview by the curator: Julie Giacomini for the exhibition VIDEODELI 2

It’s part of a larger video project: Hope motion.

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Hope Motion Video 3.40 -2020

Magnetic energy, magnetic energy, 竀 “気咧屍恨垣拽, магнитная энергия, energia magnética, 濠晦 縑傘雖, الطاقة المغناطيسية, चुम्बकीय उर्जा .

Enthusiasts around the world offer tips on Youtube on how to achieve infinite movement through magnetism; also known as “free energy” or permanent movement.

These tutorials promise that everyone can create their own individual energy which translates into circular paths. Notwithstanding the cost of producing magnets and the approximate competence of the physical sciences does not hinder this collective utopia of energy independence.

Vidya-Kélie combines the YouTubers’ videos in an immersive installation, creating a face-to-face encounter with a real pendulum made of magnets. This dyptic, punctuated by a tango by Pugliese, resonates like an echo of this international movement in search of a physical and emotional hope.

Installation. Synchronized video loop on 10 individual 10-inch screens, Pendulum, neodim magnets, electric scooter wheel recovered from the Seine, Nylon, steel and fishing lead, Basel, Switzerland, 2022

Magnetic tango in HOPE MOTION installation, Plateforme, Paris, 2022

Installation on screens, Video-Deli 2, Belleville, 2019

Installation on screens / Solo Show “Gravity”, Volumes 2019


MAGNETIC TANGO from Symbiont Space, Basel, 2022

МАГНИТНЫЙ НАГРЕВАТЕЛЬ Как тебе такое Илон Маск? Magnetic heater free heating Игорь Белецкий

100% free energy device | New science projects 2019.

Amazing Experiment With Magnate and Steel Ball

Có Lẽ Đây Là Chiếc Máy Phát Điện MiNi Mạnh Nhất Thời Đại (Large capacity mini dynamo

Easy Free Energy Experiment Generator Magnets __ Work 100%.


Free Energy Generator, Working Patent! Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor, Detail design!!!

Free Energy Machine Magnet Motor Self Running Generator


Freie Energie Generator mit einem einzigen Magneten | Dein Magnetmotor

Gerador de Energia Infinita – Motor Magnético  – Free Energy Generator

Gerador de Energia Infinita com Ímã Forte

Get Free energy generator with latest technology 2019 _ New Science project

How to make 100% free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings | home invention.

How to Make a Magnet Motor that Does not Work!

How to make Free energy Magnetic energy

How To Make Free Energy Steam Engine Generator With Magnets Using DC Motor Experiments at Home

How To Make Perpetual Motion Magnet Motor fan (Free Energy)

Make Free Energy Generator with Magnet Output 12 Volts Light Bulb New Idea

Motor de Inducción casero – Platero Green School

Motor Magnetico 07

New For Free Energy Generator 12 V  With Tool Make at home 2019

New Free Energy Generator Coil 100% Real New Technology Idea Project 2019

New Free internet WiFi 100% – How to Get Free internet At home 2019

Pakistani Claims to Invent free Electric Generator  Part 2

Perpetual motion machine magnet motor

Perpetual motion motor – | Home experiments

The 3 Types of Magnetic Motors Part 01


Wow Free Energy Generator | Free Energy Magnet Motor Generator | Science Project

Вечный двигатель работающий на запрещенном магнитном поле


ฟรีพลังงาน จากแม่เหล็ก 1kW



Sent Confessional Net art

Confessionnal net art

SENT is a polymorphic series in which the user is invited to surrender himself in a digital universe and to send his message in a graphic evoking infinity and solitude. The work questions the notion of intimacy, its limits and its definition in the digital space.


Sent.vidyakelie.com is an interactive digital website offering the guarantee of untracked and unstored messages that questions the place of personal and private thought in the public digital space.

Use of the artwork Sent.vidyakelie.fr, 2021


NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN Foundation.app @Vidyakelie, 2021


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  $('#texte-anim').css({animation: 'mon_anim 50s forwards'});
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Screen, Code’s window and audio installation, 2021


Multi embed-windows & 3D universe, AreByte Londres, online space, 2021

RECEPTION OF COMPLAINTS in a mall in Arcueil

A short video…  of the wishes of some people the Artist met at Arcueil. Project made in a résidency with Kind of kind collective, Le lieu de l’autre, Mars 2020

This film sends the life goals of the inhabitants of the shopping center “la vache noire” in Arcueil, France, on March 03, 2020 into space.

This information collected on small papers by the artist tries to be heard beyond the earth. The representation of the man of 2020 through this film reveals a fragility. The popularity of the conquest of space flirting with the simplicity of these wishes are exposed in divergent objectives and reveal a disorder that exists among men on Earth at the beginning of the third millennium.

As a metaphor for the exercise of art exhibition, the film SENT uses the desire to share its secrets to create opportunities for sharing and the fear that the message discovered may prevent its realization. Vidya-Kélie gently transfers these wishes into a dimension that escapes intimacy and superstition and now confronts the judgment of the other in the widest possible way including the extra-terrestrial, the non-human, the unknown.

Protocol for collecting grievances & video on screen 2min13, 50cmx70cm, Le lieu de l’autre, Arcueil, 2019

Arecibo Message

Missed call Video Installation

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With its “rules of confidentiality” that memorize the words we use and conclude our desires, the telephone is an intimate place where our time is prophesied*. Secret desires, hoped for by all but each one alone in his telephone, are displayed here in the window and reveal their unanimity .  ( happiness, love, health, friendship, housing, time… )

In this video installation, an iPhone stuck inside a shop window receives teasing calls confronting the spectator not to answer. The phone is visible but condemned to the figure of isolation it represents, and the spectator feels pain when he cannot answer the call of “Money” or “happiness”… on the other hand, these aspirations being now visible to all, the witnesses can finally exchange on these subjects, from man to man and create a real communication.

Thanks to the trust of the inhabitants, the artist was able to propose a work close to their concerns by mixing his own, namely human relations, digital intimacy, and the post-contemporary.

Series of 10 ex. digital print on dibon with frame 10cmx6cm.

*Brouhaha- post-contemporary notion / Lionel Ruffel 2016

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OFF du OFF Video 11min

OFF du OFF is a series of video portraits.

Through a staged interview with several actors of the French culture of the beginning of the 21st century, the artist archives their feelings about the relationship between Nature and Beauty. This classic theme of philosophy that has been rethought by the anthropocentric and transhumanist notions of the 20th century questions the prediction of the production of culture in the 21st century.

Video series, 2017 / Arts au Couvent, Art projectpartner 2020

Vidéos on screen / Soloshow Huvanité, Volumes, 2016

Vidéos on screen / Soloshow Huvanité, La lucarne des écrivains, 2017