In this installation, the artist hijacks ordinary objects, coffee cups and luminous LEDs. Vidya-Kélie Juganaikloo creates an unexpected association that puts in tension the history of coffee, a colonial spice, with the mercury of LEDs, a polluting and volatile material. In the darkness, the flickering of the LEDs in the cups evokes a layer of collective consciousness, the noosphere*.

* The noosphere, according to the thinking of Vladimir Vernadsky and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, refers to the “sphere of human thought”.

Noosphère – lighting installation 200x200cm

(…) In one of these installations, WE ARE NOT GOD III, the artist Vidya-Kélie JUGANAIKLOO diverts ordinary objects: coffee cups and luminous LEDs to create an unexpected association. A connection that puts in tension the history of coffee, a spice of the colonies symbol of travel – the condition of nomadic Man, with the mercury of the leds, a polluting and volatile material, symbol of Man’s imprint on nature.

In the darkness, the flickering of the leds arranged in the cups evokes a collective consciousness, a noosphere. The artist questions with “humour and poetry” the relations between beings and their ideal propensities, their ability to make and exchange ideas. A creative function that would produce an artificial network of perception?(…)

Excerpt from the article “KIND OF KIN, MADE OF PARENTS, NOT BABIES!” – By Samir Taouaou – timepoint 2018