UTERO INFERNALIS Anatomical Boards

UTERO INFERNALIS, 2019, Series of four non-institutional boards, printed on paper, wood and climbing rope, 110 x 100 cm

Born from a time when the correctly represented clitoris is only published in a middle school textbook at the beginning of the 2017* school year, Utero Infernalis is a fable. Freely borrowing a scientific vocabulary, these plates propose a sensitive universe around the re-contextualization of procreation and the genealogical and digital status of Man in the 21st century.



UTERO INFERNALIS II, 2019, Series of non-institutional plates, print on paper, 90 x 100 cm, Posted in the street in Toulon

The question of missing information is at the heart of the urban signage work here. The messages of Utero Infernalis are confronted on a daily basis, offering local residents a stopover to an interior space.

I pass my hand through my vagina, through my cervix from the uterus to the body.

I immediately feel, lining the inner wall, long and fibrous mucous membranes, like whale teeth mixed with light and soft membranes .

Like powerful algae that guarantee the right balance of this cavity.

My hand takes the time to caress this exquisite and delicate exosphere and tries to go a little deeper into this perennial jungle.

Under my fingers, small authoritarian forms made of non-organic materials are revealed. These are small objects.







+ This one is smooth, spherical and cold. I’ve already touched it a thousand times.

It is by feeling every millimetre of it, in this in-utero sensory exploration, that I recognize this glass bead, light-coloured, a little transparent. It’s one of those that you can project yourself into and that offer a version of the entire universe when you look inside.


The Matrix has something to say..