Missed call Video Installation

With its "rules of confidentiality" that memorize the words we use and conclude our desires, the telephone is an intimate place where our time is prophesied*. Secret desires, hoped for by all but each one alone in his telephone, are displayed here in the window and reveal their unanimity .  ( happiness, love, health, friendship, housing, time... )

In this video installation, an iPhone stuck inside a shop window receives teasing calls confronting the spectator not to answer. The phone is visible but condemned to the figure of isolation it represents, and the spectator feels pain when he cannot answer the call of "Money" or "happiness"... on the other hand, these aspirations being now visible to all, the witnesses can finally exchange on these subjects, from man to man and create a real communication.

Thanks to the trust of the inhabitants, the artist was able to propose a work close to their concerns by mixing his own, namely human relations, digital intimacy, and the post-contemporary.

Series of 10 ex. digital print on dibon with frame 10cmx6cm.

*Brouhaha- post-contemporary notion / Lionel Ruffel 2016