WE ARE NOT GOD I – The Astronomers

Les Astronomes draws on the relationship between art and science that Vidya-Kelie introduces into her visual work. It presents two intersecting creative processes.

Christian, a neuroscientist working on trans-humanism, is being interviewed in a closed-door setting.

Claire, the young filmmaker who shares his artistic issues, pushes the scientist to free himself from his costume of knowledge and film him in a sensitive moment.


Directed by  Vidya-Kélie
With Ana TorralboAugustin JacobJulien Béramis.
Image and lighting: Marc Obin
Costumes : Mamzelle’ Mo
Script :  Carla Sabotier
Electro-machine assistants:  Emmanuelle Lhomme,  Malo et Eve le Fessant
Assistant director and stage manager:  Isabelle Desalos
Set design: Lola Venet
Sound: Judicaël Michel
Hair: Mathieu Guignaudeau
Make up : Lucie Marot
Writing and editing: Vidya-Kélie

Les astronomers, Vidéo 15min, 2018 / Volumes, 2018 / Metaxu, 2018


The artist organizes meetings in cafés; in a protocol identical to all, Vidya-Kelie does not speak, but lets her characters speak; Claire, artist, Manu, assistant and Mr Leclerc, neuro-scientist, all three embodied in “LES ASTRONOMES”, a film that the guest watches in the café, with headphones. Afterwards, the spectator will be invited to speak into a microphone, listened to in silence by the artist.

The audio documents will then be transposed into PDF to be presented as necessary extensions to its original script “LES ASTRONOMES”.

*The deployment is a key stage of the script, and precedes the dialogue continuity. It is developed from the synopsis (short summary of the film’s story). This text of several dozen pages will then enable the main plots and scenes of a film to be described in more detail.

Deployment*, installation, print on A4 paper, 20 treatments and scenarios from the film “LES ASTRONOMES” including the originals / Université PARIS VIII, 2018