In a dyptic, Vidya-Kelie stages her creative process: the mathematical formulas necessary for the fabrication of the work sent by her father, a doctor of physics, and the jumps of her daughter dancing around the prototype of the sculpture.

Valuing the process of production rather than the finished object, these two stages of parental transmission question the sharing of knowledge through art as a counterpoint to the finished object as a symbol of power. Here, with sensitive attention, Vidya Kélie Juganaikloo gives visibility to the seeds of art and alchemy that are passed on to the child and the child’s child.

Projection / Metaxu, 2018

The project to be realized is a sphere of 50 cm in diameter that floats and circulates at the average height of an individual’s head. Its semi-opaque material diffuses a soft light and seems to question us in an anxious way about the future of collective intelligence with regard to the autonomy of technology. It is from this metaphorical and poetic gesture that Vidya Kélie Juganaikloo builds WE ARE NOT GOD VII.

Text Axelle Rossini