I want to go to the sea

I want to go to the sea… but I live in Paris and it is 22/04/2020, during the international ecological crisis; coronavirus. 1h04m49s of travel is the time it takes me, clicking non stop in google-earth, to reach my goal. In a special road trip without visible pollution, I walk on the grounds of the past (2018/2019). Without any obstacles, the horizon is revealed and I can tread a virgin land to reinvent.

See here the complete trip, get out the popcorn!

Video, 65min / Zoonosisproject online 2020

Hypercodex.org Human and organic archiving

The work takes the form of a visual search engine, and is naturally introduced into mobile phones by inviting habitual practice. The hypercodex.org is an invitation to engagement, an action is needed to implant blues cells in a codex of knowledge moving organically in real time.

It is about feeding the hypercodex.org platform with artists/philosophers/politicians/researchers/actors who share their resources as well as visitors with their references.

Hypercodex.org proposes to use lines of code for a collective gesture, to give voice to heterogeneity, and the possibility to inscribe on this map, its url(s) to link them to others.
No hierarchy, no subscription, just benevolence and sharing.

This gesture, which today seems completely senseless, is a performance, the artist opens his server without protecting himself; with confidence and generosity.

Welcome to Hypercodex.org at ISEA 2023, TUMO, Forum Des Images, Paris 2023

Instructions, print on paper, 21cmx30cm, 2021


Using the codes of Youtubers, Vidya-Kélie uses her face and her bedroom decor to attract the visitor.

An eye-catching text on a blue background launches to highlight his interactive and collaborative work HYPERCODEX.ORG; A 100% human platform to save the Internet from powerful algorithms that prevent the transmission of free, heterogeneous and cross-cultural content.


Mortality of knowledge

Edition of a digital herbarium from the URLs stored in the Hypercodex.org.

Collection of 12 medicinal plants from the contents of hypercodex.org, print on A4 tracing paper, 2022

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#SUN @sun_trace


Every second, people who are connected to the social network Instagram post new photos to #Sun.

SUNPATH is somewhere between an emotional map and a real-time data repository; the photos posted on the #SUN feed are arranged on a timeline and geo-located, revealing new trajectories of a digital sun making visible a new frenetic energy that becomes unpredictable.

sun.vidyakelie.com, Net-Art, 2020 / Fernrhor Online, 2021 / NataliaBento Galery, 2022 /


On her map, the activity of the hashtag #SUN traces an abstract and infinite yellow line that the artist feeds with a narrative that she generates with artificial intelligence.These lines humorously translate the occupations of Instagrammers who think about the same thing every few milliseconds, poetically archiving the contemporary skies of thousands of digital ‘Suns’.
The laser prints are fragments of this collective astro-digital canvas, creating a constellar installation.

Constellar installation of ten solar fragments, 400mm wide each, 6mm thick wood, datas from instagram on “sun.vidyakelie.fr” database, Unique work, 2022

Constellar installation of three #solar fragments, 400mm, 2mm thick wood, datas from instagram on “sun.vidyakelie.fr” database, Unique work, 2022

#SUN at 12:00 (UTC), Mirror on plexiglass, 580x112mm datas from instagram on “sun.vidyakelie.fr” database, Pièce unique, 2022


Edited like a page of a novel, the database of the SUN category translated by an AI offers a true narrative of a sun that passes from hand to hand. Somewhere between surreal abstraction and new definitions of “Sun” in the digital world, the #SUN cartels are like doors to a literature that bears witness to bottles to the sea that are both international and contemporary.

SUNPATH à 12:00 (UTC), Miroir sur plexiglas, 580x112mm datas from instagram on ” sun.vidyakelie.fr ” database & SUNTRACE à 12:00 (UTC), print on plexiglass 115 x 250mm, A.I. Instagram. Pièce unique, 2022 / Galerie DATA, 2022

MAPS, Prints on folded tracing paper 59.4cm x 42cm, Prints on finira paper 50cm x70cm, Limited Editions, 2020 / NataliaBento Galery 2022

Digital sunshine

SUNRAY, Yellow lettering, 20cmx200cm, 2020 / Super 18, 2020


The photons that escape from the sun have a course almost similar to that of a Y gamete.
The composition of space holds unknown properties that allow stories, secrets and enigmas to be navigated through the walls with dizzying speed. The notion of emptiness is no more since the proposal of the 0.

PHOTONS, Augmented Reality Application, 2021 / Residence DRAC Occitanie 2021

Palimpsests #SUNNY

The definition of palimpsest implies an erasure of the canvas to propose a new visual. Here, the Hashtags stored on Facebook’s servers are an indelible trace; a superposition with physical theorems then takes place and reveals a mathematical reality to the behaviour of humans with their phones.

Thus, the artist humorously and unknowingly uses the torus or the Finobacci sequence to validate, as with Boticcelli’s Venus, a form of scientific coherence in the use of SUN hashtags on Instagram.

Prints on dibond and transparent acrylic plate / Volumes 2020


These digital suns are named after the description of the images tagged #Sun on the social network Instagram.

GIF,Generative art, Artificial Intelligence, NFT collection, 721 / HARDDISKMUSEUM, 2022

For real

Traces of #Sun are left in pictorial, video or photographic landscapes.

Postcard, Serie, 2021 / Volumes 2020

*La carte chez deleuze et Guattari [Archive 2010] Lecture by Manola Antonioli from the International College of Philosophy)

COMPOSITE emotional mapping

The COMPOSITE web site (clic to access): allows the referencing of LANDMARKS by a virtual cartography. Each point is a link allowing to display the consumption of the constellations engraved by the photographic archive of the walkers.

To integrate his personal constellation into the COMPOSITE project, the future collector will enter the geolocation and the date of a passion that he wishes to have engraved and the site will propose an appointment with the artist.

A confluence of History, cartography and the virtual, the site allows to record an emotional digital terrestrial territory offering an echo with stars.

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RAMA zoom-experience

In pendants, religious icons are replaced by photo-montage processes.

Spiritual programming is a cultural legacy that evolves as technology advances. In a society with exponential calculations, where time is approaching 0, the true dimension which only appears in the present time is highlighted. Representations, which are becoming more and more numerous, are no longer replaced, but superimposed and could disappear to approach the moment of truth*.

*Jiddu Krishnamurti 1972.

*Everybody is post-contemporary 2016

Fly over.


Gigantic medallions house icons that are probably spiritual, religious and correspond to the old and new beliefs that digital technology allows us to maintain.

Paintings on wood of various sizes, metal frames and thick rope (average 100x50cm)

Sent Confessional Net art

Confessionnal net art

SENT is a polymorphic series in which the user is invited to surrender himself in a digital universe and to send his message in a graphic evoking infinity and solitude. The work questions the notion of intimacy, its limits and its definition in the digital space.


Sent.vidyakelie.com is an interactive digital website offering the guarantee of untracked and unstored messages that questions the place of personal and private thought in the public digital space.

Use of the artwork Sent.vidyakelie.fr, 2021


NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN Foundation.app @Vidyakelie, 2021


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Screen, Code’s window and audio installation, 2021


Multi embed-windows & 3D universe, AreByte Londres, online space, 2021

RECEPTION OF COMPLAINTS in a mall in Arcueil

A short video…  of the wishes of some people the Artist met at Arcueil. Project made in a résidency with Kind of kind collective, Le lieu de l’autre, Mars 2020

This film sends the life goals of the inhabitants of the shopping center “la vache noire” in Arcueil, France, on March 03, 2020 into space.

This information collected on small papers by the artist tries to be heard beyond the earth. The representation of the man of 2020 through this film reveals a fragility. The popularity of the conquest of space flirting with the simplicity of these wishes are exposed in divergent objectives and reveal a disorder that exists among men on Earth at the beginning of the third millennium.

As a metaphor for the exercise of art exhibition, the film SENT uses the desire to share its secrets to create opportunities for sharing and the fear that the message discovered may prevent its realization. Vidya-Kélie gently transfers these wishes into a dimension that escapes intimacy and superstition and now confronts the judgment of the other in the widest possible way including the extra-terrestrial, the non-human, the unknown.

Protocol for collecting grievances & video on screen 2min13, 50cmx70cm, Le lieu de l’autre, Arcueil, 2019

Arecibo Message