OFF du OFF Video 11min

This anthropocentric relationship between beauty and nature is a 2017 archive.

It is a report of the natural referent of a human being at the very beginning of the 21st century.

In an era where man produces his environment, the notion of tropism appears in other forms.

OFF of OFF is a superimposition of portrait. It highlights a selection of 8 men and women who read a text and say what they think about it. The difference in attitude between the imposition of a thought through reading and the freedom to think for oneself creates power relationships and facial disjunctions that give substance to a visible sceptre testifying to these cognitive oppositions or connections. These visible tensions give rise to new portraits that bear witness to a contemporary problem linked to the adaptation of free thought in an over-controlled society.

Extract from an imposed text:

And does a mother’s beauty only exist through her children’s eyes? Isn’t this beauty that we adore because it is incomparable, ideal, incredible, the result of an equation with infinite measures of which we understand nothing? But this is what makes it powerful and fascinating to our eyes… beauty is a kind of quest… Mother Nature precedes us by so many years and what she gives us to see is already the fruit of so many experiences and adaptations… that beauty would be a kind of outcome that we cannot understand, and which nourishes certain hopes of knowledge… like a kind of myth… We could see in beauty, this myth of knowledge…


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