LANDMARKS, human stellar energies. GPS Constellations

The LANDMARKS are woodcuts on stone or acrylic representing constellations composed from a precise alignment of stars that differ at each place and time. The artist’s drawings in the middle of the stars symbolize embraces and want to speak about the fusion of bodies and the energetic imprint that love can generate in the universe.

Introduction by Mathieu LAVEAU

Are the stars the reflection of our world?  Billions of points of light shine in an infinite space, reflecting our individual lights in a finite world of matter… mirror of our beings incarnated on our sublime planet. We choose to unite on Earth, and here our stars are connected by invisible threads. Like Osiris and Isis, like Orion and Sirius which are linked, forever united by incredible geometries, we can live on Earth this harmony of the union of the masculine and the feminine, in an unconditional love.
Let us know how to look at the stars and their embraces, in order to feel the loving force of the Creator.
The Work of Vidya invites us to do so, forcing us to imagine new lines connecting the stars, to tell stories inspired by the position of these stars that illuminate our night.

(Photo from Bruno Chizat)

The LANDMARKS represent human embraces studded with celestial objects. They are prints on wood or acrylic. In the course of her work on the typology of connections, VidyaKelie imagined being able to interpret the unique traces of her key memories, on the scale of the universe.

These extraordinary moments for her, the places where she lived them, had traced a unique network in the space-time that she wanted to recreate.

The artist has entwined the feeling of her feelings with the position of the celestial objects of those days, drawing constellated embraces.

Every human being lives his or her own history, intimately linked to others through time and space, creating invisible connections in perpetual change. Vidyakelie wants to gather around her and her plastic expression, a community that also senses this anchoring. In her Composite project, she links the LANDMARKS collectors on a map and allows to recreate a stellar space on earth!

Text : Anne-Catherine LANDEL


Linking prehistoric petroglyphic codes and street-art, the implantation of the LANDMARKS in the urban landscape reveals the emotional imprints contained in the city walls.

The first series of LANDMARKS is exhibited in the streets of PARIS as nameplates. The invisible and intrinsic thread linking all the LANDMARKS draws its energy from the stories of the city. The distances between its pieces form a mesh making the capital a victim of its own passions.

These traces become a universal symbol attempting to manifest the poetry that emanates from the bodies embracing each other as a testimony of passionate experiences in perdition.

They are linked by a map: see Composite.