Vidya-Kélie inserts a PHP code inside a QR CODE sculpted in a clay brick. This work, the first in a series of sculptures that vary in size and material, are all linked to the artist’s server. Whatever the time or the day, each flash displays a web page selected by the artist: 3D, NFT, VIDEO, NET-ART… A spontaneous sharing symbolised by the shape of a brick evoking the responsibility of conservation and its commitment over time.

The power that the owner give to Vidya-Kélie, is here a link of trust, because she alone is the master of the content that her buyers can view.

The trust stone questions these themes of time, interaction and power.

All the links are archived in a paper edition every year.

Series of bricks, variable sizes and materials, 2022

Moke up of the edition, 2023