Hope Motion Video 3.40 -2020

énergie magnetique, magnetic energy, 竀“気咧屍恨垣拽, магнитная энергия, energia magnética, 濠晦 縑傘雖, الطاقة‭ ‬المغناطيسية, चुम्बकीय उर्जा .

Enthusiasts around the world offer tips on youtube to achieve a movement that feeds on infinity.

Incorporated into this grid of international tutorials with thunderous echoes, Vidya-Kélie’s “magnetic tango” video moves and offers poetry to this quest for free energy through magnetic force.

Disarticulating herself from the objective of her neighbouring fathers, Vidya-kélie takes up the codes of these experiences to propose a dance featuring magnets that dance thanks to intangible truths.

The illustrious Osvaldo Pugliese, traditional symbol of the fiery tension of tango contextualizes this meticulous quest for infinity in a human emotional dimension.

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