Magnetic energy, magnetic energy, 竀 “気咧屍恨垣拽, магнитная энергия, energia magnética, 濠晦 縑傘雖, الطاقة المغناطيسية, चुम्बकीय उर्जा .

Enthusiasts around the world offer tips on Youtube on how to achieve infinite movement through magnetism; also known as “free energy” or permanent movement.

These tutorials promise that everyone can create their own individual energy which translates into circular paths. Notwithstanding the cost of producing magnets and the approximate competence of the physical sciences does not hinder this collective utopia of energy independence.

Vidya-Kélie combines the YouTubers’ videos in an immersive installation, creating a face-to-face encounter with a real pendulum made of magnets. This dyptic, punctuated by a tango by Pugliese, resonates like an echo of this international movement in search of a physical and emotional hope.

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