Hypercodex.org Human and organic archiving

The work takes the form of a visual search engine, and is naturally introduced into mobile phones by inviting habitual practice. The hypercodex.org is an invitation to engagement, an action is needed to implant blues cells in a codex of knowledge moving organically in real time.

It is about feeding the hypercodex.org platform with artists/philosophers/politicians/researchers/actors who share their resources as well as visitors with their references.

Hypercodex.org proposes to use lines of code for a collective gesture, to give voice to heterogeneity, and the possibility to inscribe on this map, its url(s) to link them to others.
No hierarchy, no subscription, just benevolence and sharing.

This gesture, which today seems completely senseless, is a performance, the artist opens his server without protecting himself; with confidence and generosity.

Welcome to Hypercodex.org at ISEA 2023, TUMO, Forum Des Images, Paris 2023

Instructions, print on paper, 21cmx30cm, 2021


Using the codes of Youtubers, Vidya-Kélie uses her face and her bedroom decor to attract the visitor.

An eye-catching text on a blue background launches to highlight his interactive and collaborative work HYPERCODEX.ORG; A 100% human platform to save the Internet from powerful algorithms that prevent the transmission of free, heterogeneous and cross-cultural content.


Mortality of knowledge

Edition of a digital herbarium from the URLs stored in the Hypercodex.org.

Collection of 12 medicinal plants from the contents of hypercodex.org, print on A4 tracing paper, 2022

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UTERO INFERNALIS Anatomical Boards


The series of digital and printed labels UTERO INFERNALIS in various sizes is a call to “stick it on” in an attempt to reveal the way humans view fertility.The definition of gender and sexuality is giving rise to new paradigms among young adults who are evolving in eco-anxiety and individualism.
Hormonal and cultural roles related to desire, beauty and love are changing, as is the perpetuation of the species.Now possibly outside of bodies, pro-creation asks to be redefined, here by a composite gesture, through the collage or non-collage of these labels.

Photos of the collages to be sent in mp on
Instagram @vidyakelie
Facebook VidyaKélie Juganaikloo

Vidya-Kélie-stickers-UTERO-INFERNALIS.pdf, print and pre-cut on adhesive paper, 300 x 900 cm / Open Studio, Paris, 2022

Scientific abstractions

Borrowing freely from a scientific vocabulary, these plates propose a sensitive universe around the re-contextualisation of procreation and the genealogical and digital status of humans in the 21st century.

Series of four plates, print on paper, wood and climbing rope, 110 x 100 cm / Metaxu, Toulon, 2019 / Volumes, Paris, 2020

UTERO INFERNALIS II, 2019, Series of non-institutional plates, print on paper, 90 x 100 cm


performances Collaborations with musicien

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His confident and intuitive touch enriches the concert in a new way.
Through the projection of live drawings, she mixes genres by making the music dance on paper.
It is an original experience that she offers, which arouses curiosity and broadens the imagination of her audience.

« The challenge of the solo piano performance is that there is always something new to discover.
a common thread that begins before the very first note
and ends after the last one.
Vidya’s features elegantly accompany this concept. » 
Jacky Terrasson

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