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His confident and intuitive touch enriches the concert in a new way.
Through the projection of live drawings, she mixes genres by making the music dance on paper.
It is an original experience that she offers, which arouses curiosity and broadens the imagination of her audience.

“The challenge of the solo piano performance is that there is always something new to discover.
a common thread that begins before the very first note
and ends after the last one.
Vidya’s features elegantly accompany this concept. » 
Jacky Terrasson

Aurore VOILQUE trio • Performance dans l’Expo HUVANITE La Fabrique • Juin 2017

Stephane BELMONDO • Trompette • Concert pour le vernissage de l'Expo

Jacky TERRASSON & Stephane BELMONDO • Tournée de l'album

Victoria SHERESHEVSKAYA & Rémi GENIET Récital au Conservatoire de Neuilly sur Seine • Jan 2017

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