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UTERO INFERNALIS Anatomical Boards


The series of digital and printed labels UTERO INFERNALIS in various sizes is a call to “stick it on” in an attempt to reveal the way humans view fertility.The definition of gender and sexuality is giving rise to new paradigms among young adults who are evolving in eco-anxiety and individualism.
Hormonal and cultural roles related to desire, beauty and love are changing, as is the perpetuation of the species.Now possibly outside of bodies, pro-creation asks to be redefined, here by a composite gesture, through the collage or non-collage of these labels.

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Vidya-Kélie-stickers-UTERO-INFERNALIS.pdf, print and pre-cut on adhesive paper, 300 x 900 cm / Open Studio, Paris, 2022

Scientific abstractions

Borrowing freely from a scientific vocabulary, these plates propose a sensitive universe around the re-contextualisation of procreation and the genealogical and digital status of humans in the 21st century.

Series of four plates, print on paper, wood and climbing rope, 110 x 100 cm / Metaxu, Toulon, 2019 / Volumes, Paris, 2020

UTERO INFERNALIS II, 2019, Series of non-institutional plates, print on paper, 90 x 100 cm