Vidya was born on September 3, 1984. She took her first steps accompanied by her mother Bohemian Fine Arts and her father Doctor in Physics, professor of Le Mans. Its small years are surrounded by forests and sun rays crossing the leaves to rock the living room of a soft light.

Vidya lives her first years in peace, love … and drawings!
First move. The tribe leaves nature for the suburbs of Paris, where Vidya is the first part of her schooling. Moments of learning and analysis during which she will be confronted with the street culture of the 90s. Vidya girl gets her first arms between concrete and control of her emotions until her 14 years: it is time to find a Little nature …
The teenager will find herself in a small village in the West, near Angers to complete her college. Contrast dreadful but so beneficial!
It is the explosion of blossoming! Followed by the high school of Angers where she sharpens her tastes with the option « ArtP » which allows her to develop her personal plastic projects, As well as to delve into the references thanks to his courses in History of Art. Active and president of Cultural and Artistic Associations, her BAC in her pocket, Vidya enters the school of Fine Arts.
This period allows him to touch all the academic techniques: sculpture, engraving, photo development and especially to have time to paint and travel, discover other artists and new ways of working.
After a few months in Nepal where she is in contact with the NGO « Planète-Enfant » (fighting against trafficking of women and children on the Indo-Nepalese border) and after having traveled India, The idea of ​​making her work UTILE makes her choose the option Communication where she discovers the digital expression: video and graphics enter into her projects.
In 2005, Vidya participated in the development of a small company based on the plastic stylist Mario Faundez. Her universe touches her, speaks to her. Under her wing, she discovered a special attraction for materials, Street Art and Fluo.
By creating its own graphic communication structure in 2008, Vidya exploits all this knowledge and know-how by making it available to its customers. She learns what « works » in communication: what affects people, how to target targets and how to offer graphic solutions. She is projected in the world of graphic design print and web without ever ceasing its pictorial experiences in parallel.
Today, at the age of 32, Vidya decides to combine her travels, her aspirations, her reflections on the world, her taste for the material, her academic style, her drawings, her sensitivity, graphics, Street Art, Organic and polyform work on canvas, paper and video.