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Vidya-Kélie is selected by ORLAN

For the Opline Prize 2022, ORLAN, the internationally committed transmedia artist and feminist working with her body as material, chose the work of Vidya-Kélie as a feminine and sensitive relay.

A cocktail party will be held on Saturday 01 October at 18H at the 17th arrondissement town hall for the Paris All-Nighter.
You are welcome to attend!

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Hello everyone,

the exhibition at Symbiont Space has been extended this summer until August 14th! 
So these are the last days to visit my work HOPE MOTION, this story of permanent movement that animates the world and turns into a magnetic Tango!

A lesson in humility generated by hundreds of people around the world who cry out for energy independence and who unknowingly participate in the frenetic dance of two magnets moving in their magnetic fields.

In order to enhance the exhibition with related exchanges, here we will discuss over a cocktail the notions of “Institutional VS Free science”.

At the closing, this Sunday, August 14, 2022, 21h, will be led by Roland Fischer this traditional ritual of Cocktail + Guest.

I hope you will be there! 

Wishing you a nice summer,

See you soon! 


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Opening, 11th June, 5 pm
Symposium, 15th June, 10am
with Vidya-Kélie, Joana Moll, Shusha Niederberger and Selena Savic

During Art Basel, symbiont shows two works on the nature of technology or techniques of the natural. Joana Moll’s work “Inanimate Species” reflects on the resource consumption of digital hardware and places the rapid development in the chip market in a critical relationship to the decline of biodiversity. Aesthetically, the installation is oriented towards insect collections in the cabinets of natural history museums. In “Hope Motion” Vidya Kelie lets the forces of attraction between two magnets perform a suggestive dance. What secret rules do the elegant movements follow – are there really only physics and chance at work?

hosted by Géraldine Honauer and Roland Fischer

Symbiont Space, Riehenstrasse 6, 4058 Basel | 13-19.6 June open from 9 to 12 am and 9- 12 pm, Coffee in the morning, cocktails in the evening, with invited guests!

Opening, 13th June, 7 pm
Symposium, 15th June, 7 pm, Participation only by registration HERE

🔗 is a conceptual dialogue between Géraldine Honauer‘s work and the contributions by Vidya Kelie, Oliver Fuhrer and Johannes Gees, which she has brought together. The symposium provides a framework in which Honauer can enter the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT). In this context, Johannes Gees will install an NFT by the artist with the participants. Beforehand, Oliver Fuhrer will open his cloud models and measurement systems to the participants, contrasting physical spaces with coded ones. Furthermore, Vidya Kelie spans a luminous and energetic arc between two exhibition spaces with an interactive installation.

Büro International, Drahtzugstrasse 67, 4057 Basel / Daily open, 2 – 7 pm 

June 2022- Symbiont SPACE & BUERO INTERNATIONAL, Basel, Switzerland.
Invitated by Geraldine Honauer, with Joana Moll
April/may. 2022 – Bento Contemporary Gallery – Palma
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