Hypercodex.org Human and organic archiving


Hypercodex.org is an experimental tool that proposes to spatialize URLs, or “web pages” on a white space. This collection of information is constituted in archipelagos of monochrome pixels #003DFF.

What form will this weaving of knowledge take?

An open, cultural, free and human project allowing anyone who wishes to participate in the generation of a dynamic collective library. The tags constitute the invisible links between the different islands and allow the creation of a real rhizome.

Integrating the natural tropism of the elements, Hypercodex is a moving and organic platform, the notes are free and everyone is responsible for the quality of the links in this common space.

To use it, it is necessary to allow yourself to :

-Add links, called “islands”, write notes on your island in order to share what you liked in this URL.
-Write constructive notes about other people’s islands.
-Add tags in order to link the islands to the others.
-Be careful, if you want to delete an island, please contact me via my website (Facebook or Insta).

Have a nice surfing on Hypercodex!

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