The Stone of Trust is a living symbol whose variable content is fed by the artist in real time and can be read by interaction with the passer-by’s smartphone.

The stone of trust, stable and modest in its form and material, nevertheless betrays a strong desire for communication that is matched by the perfection of the 625 pixels of the QR code hand-modelled on one of its faces.

At a time when introducing unknown content into one’s own phone has become an anxiety-provoking and intrusive experience, this act of flashing allows us, through art, to hack into personalised algorithmic prediction, and thus to fertilise new possibilities.

Yellow stone of trust, Carved clay brick, 10cmx10cmx7cm, Platform 2022

Pierre de confiance, Series of sculpted clay bricks, variable sizes and materials, black solid wood base, Hotel de l’industrie 2023

The list of links is presented in a paper edition each year.

Moke up of the edition, 2023