SENT est une série polymorphe dans laquelle l’utilisateur est invité à livrer un message dans un univers digital et à envoyer son message dans un graphisme évoquant l’infini et la solitude. L’oeuvre questionne la notion d’intimité, ses limites et sa définition dans l’espace digital.

ON LINE est un website digital interactif offrant la garantie de l’envoi de messages non tracés et non stockés qui se veut questionner la place de la pensée personnelle et privée dans l’espace digital public.

Utilisation de l’artwork, 2021



NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN @Vidyakelie, 2021


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Installation audio, Vincennes 2021


Multi embed-windows & 3D universe, AreByte Londres, online space, 2021

COLLECTION OF COMPLAINTS in a business center

Secrets of workers from the shopping centre « La vache Noire » met by the artist in Arcueil are exhibited in their workplaces.
Project realized during a residency with the collective Kind of kind, Le lieu de l’autre, Anisgras in March 2020
This film sends the life objectives of the inhabitants of the shopping centre « la vache noire » in Arcueil, France, on March 03, 2020 into space.
This information collected by the artist tries to be heard beyond the earth. The representation of the man of 2020 through this film reveals a fragility. The popularity of the conquest of space flirts with the simplicity of these wishes, which are exposed in divergent objectives and reveal a disturbance that exists among men on Earth at the beginning of the third millennium.
A metaphor for the exercise of artistic exhibition, the film SENT uses the desire to share one’s secrets to create opportunities for sharing and the fear that the discovered message will prevent its fulfilment, Vidya-Kélie gently transfer these wishes into a dimension that escapes the intimate and superstitious and now confronts the judgement of the other in the widest possible way including the extraterrestrial, the non-human, the unknown.

Protocol for collecting grievances & video on screen 50cmx70cm, Le lieu de l’autre, Arcueil, 2019

Message d’Arecibo