<span class="entry-title-primary">SENT</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Confessional Net art</span>


While “private space” on the web is synonymous with control economy, data storage and predictions of digital behaviour, the cheapest, least polluting and most intimate space is the public digital space, without identifications and without accounts: the free man, dialoguing with the digital continues to question himself and to confront linguistic disjunctions.

What does the word “SEND” mean when there is no recipient? Can we imagine a space that does not exist in time?

Windows on these embedded spaces where one can send one’s ailments to the digital otherworld in a completely intimate way to free oneself from an echo, a secret, a confession.

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RECEUIL DE DOLEANCES dans un centre commercial a Arcueil

video, 2min13, 2020

A short video…  of the wishes of some people the Artist met at Arcueil. Project made in a résidency with Kind of kind collective, Le lieu de l’autre, Mars 2020

This film sends the life goals of the inhabitants of the shopping center “la vache noire” in Arcueil, France, on March 03, 2020 into space.

This information collected on small papers by the artist tries to be heard beyond the earth. The representation of the man of 2020 through this film reveals a fragility. The popularity of the conquest of space flirting with the simplicity of these wishes are exposed in divergent objectives and reveal a disorder that exists among men on Earth at the beginning of the third millennium.

As a metaphor for the exercise of art exhibition, the film SENT uses the desire to share its secrets to create opportunities for sharing and the fear that the message discovered may prevent its realization. Vidya-Kélie gently transfers these wishes into a dimension that escapes intimacy and superstition and now confronts the judgment of the other in the widest possible way including the extra-terrestrial, the non-human, the unknown.

Injecting LOVE in DNA of NFT


Inserting values into the DNA of the NFT, like a baby we parent. By taking on this responsibility, we contribute to the growth of caring spaces that will take care of us later.